How to use CBD Boosters

Do you have a favourite e-liquid that you wish came in a CBD flavour? If you answered yes than CBD boosters is something you should try. 

CBD Boosters basically allow you to add CBD to any eLiquid, they are simple and painless to use. You can mix CBD boosters directly in to your e-liquid or drop a few drops in to your tank before filling It up with your other current eliquid. Most CBD Boosters are made with unflavoured CBD isolates ensuring that no, or very minimal amount of hemp flavoured is transferred.

How much CBD do I have to add? and what strenght should I go for?

The dosage actually comes down to personal preference, however as this is a guide we need to set a starting point, we recommend starting at around 10mg of CBD and work your self up until you find your sweet spot. 

Ok sounds good but how do i get 10mg of CBD in to my eLiquid tank? That is a very good question, In order to achieve 10mg of CBD in to your tank of we first need to establish what strength booster you have.

For this example we are going to use 10ml - 500mg CBD booster.

Your can divide the amount of eliquid in the bottle with the amount of CBD (mg) to get the amount of CBD per ML, in this case it would be 500mg divided in 10ml = 50mg per 1ml

In order for us to achieve the 10mg CBD in a tank with a capacity of 2ml we need to do some more simple math. Each Drop from a dropper bottle give you roughly 0.05ml of liquid, As we know that 1ml is 50mg we can divide that further, we need 1/5 of that 1ml to get 10mg and as 1 drop from the bottle is 0.05ml that means we need 4 drops of CBD boosted in the tank to get 0.2ml that is equivalent to 1/5th of 1ml and that will give us 10mg of CBD.

Add your 4 drops of CBD in to the tank and fill the rest up with eLiquid and shake, Congratulations you now have a 10mg CBD vape in your tank.

If you want to up the amount of CBD all you have to do is add more drops, 8 drops will give you 20mg, 16 drops 40mg and so on.

It goes without saying that if you buy a higher strength CBD booster like 1000mg you would half the drops in to the tank as it is twice as potent, and if you buy a lower strength CBD booster you would have to increase the amount of drops, do the math and you cant go wrong.

You can of course "Wing it" until you find your sweet spot, however doing the math will give you a good idea what works for you and as a result you can then achieve it every time.