A question we get asked a lot is "Which device should I buy for vaping CBD e-liquids?" Which is a great question, so we put together a list of the best suited kits for vaping CBD.

Direct links to all products mentioned in this post can be found at the bottom.

Best Budget Kit:

The Vaporesso Orca Solo is a great starter kit that is easy to use and very affordable at only £16.99, it includes everything that you need except for the CBD e-liquid itself. What makes the Orca Solo so good is the included Ceramic CCELL Coil, the kit comes with both an Organic Cotton Coil and a CCELL coil but the CCELL coil is the one that you want to use if you are vaping CBD eLiquids. The Orca Solo is also a low powered device so you do not have to worry about burning your CBD juices. The Orca Solo works best with thicker CBD eLiquids as thin ones that contains mostly PG can cause leaking, please bare this in mind when making your decision on both kit and liquid. 

Most Popular Kit:

Our most Popular CBD Kit is probably the SMOK Nord Kit, its stylish, super portable and uses a pod with replaceable coils. The Kit itself comes with an MTL and DTL Mesh Coil, whilst they might work OK with CBD we strongly recommend the Ceramic coils that have to be purchased separately. With the Ceramic coils the Nord can handle most CBD eliquids and produces amazing taste and clouds. It uses the perfect wattage setting when the Ceramic coils are used to ensure that your CBD is not damaged during vaping.

A Fashionable Choice:

If you're looking to stand out from the rest, a fashionable choice for Vaping CBD is without a doubt the Mi Pod Kit. The Mi-Pod is available in several different colours and finishes. It is super easy to use thanks to its draw activation system, meaning there are no buttons to press, just put your lips against the mouthpiece and pull, the devices will detect that you are inhaling and fire automatically. The Mi Pod comes with 2 standard Pods in the box and whilst they might work OK with some CBD E-Liquids to get the best experience you need to buy the separately sold Ceramic Pods that are specially designed for CBD and thicker E-Liquids.

Staff Pick:

Our recommendation and the highest strength CBD kit is the Synergy Vape Kit. It comes with super high strength CBD equivalent to a 10ml bottle with 10,000mg of CBD. This means you only need a couple of puffs to get your daily CBD dosage, and whilst the kit might sound expensive at fist the pure potency of it actually makes it a very economic option. It comes with a 0.5ml 500mg 54% Pre-filled CBD cartridge with a high quality built in Cermic Ccell coil. The CBD inside the cartridge does not contain any VG or PG like most other e-liquids and CBD liquids on the market, the Synergy pods just contains pure THC-free CBD Oil. Once your cartridge is empty you just replace it with a new pre-filled cartridge of your choice available on our website. 

It would be hard to wrong with any of these 4 Kits as your first CBD vape as they all work well and have been in the market for some time with replacement Coils and Pods widely available. 

As a savvy reader you probably notice that we only recommended Ceramic coils and pods throughout this article and you are quite right, most kits and devices that have a ceramic coil option will work. We have not tried all options out there, but we have tried the ones that we recommend above. However if you have a current device that have ceramic coils available and you want to try CBD perhaps the best would be to try the Ceramic Coil option first, just make sure to not vape at a too high wattage if your device have adjustable power settings.